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ductless fume hood fume hood ductless fume hood use

The function of the fume hood exhaust function, is the most major in in the chemical laboratory, experimental operation produce all kinds of harmful gas, gas, moisture and inflammable, explosive, corrosive substances, in order to protect the safety of the user, to prevent the spread of pollutants to the laboratory, in the vicinity of pollution sources to use fume hood, fume hood before using the Numbers is less, only in particularly harmful and dangerous gas and produce a large amount of heat used in the experiment.Only for test bench of auxiliary functions of the fume hood.Given to improve the experimental environment, in the experimental stage experiments in gradually transferred to the ventilation cabinet, this request in the fume hood should have the most suitable for the function of the equipment used.Most especially new laboratories are required to have air conditioning, so in the construction of the preliminary design stage of fume hood is the use of the Numbers into the plans for air conditioning systems.Because of the fume hood occupies very important position in the biochemical laboratory, from the improvement of laboratory environment, improve the labor hygiene conditions, improve the work efficiency into consideration, such as the use of the fume hood number by leaps and bounds.Followed by ventilation pipes, piping, wiring, exhaust, etc have become the important subject of laboratory construction.




Using the fume hood is the biggest purpose discharge harmful gases generated in the experiment, protect the health of the researchers, that is to say, want to have a high security and excellent operability, which requires the fume hood should have the following features:




(1) release function: should possess the harmful gas produced inside fume hood with outside gas absorption tank, make its diluted excluded outside the organization.




(2) not put back the clock function, should have the airflow inside the fume hood is produced by the exhaust fan will be harmful gases from the interior of the fume hood is not the function of reverse flow into the interior.In order to ensure the implementation of this function, a hood and a fan with a single pipe connection is the best way, cannot use a single pipe connection, also only can be provided the same room and even, fan installed at the end of the pipe as far as possible (or roof).




(3) supplementary functions: should have at the time of discharge harmful gas, from the outside of the fume hood inhaled air passage or alternative devices.




(4) the isolation function: in front of the fume hood should be in not sliding glass Windows will be separated in ventilation cabinet outside.




(5) wind speed control function: to prevent the harmful gas in ventilation cabinet escape, need to have certain suction velocity.Determine the fume hood into the wind suction speed are: the elements of the heat generated by the experiment content and the relationship between air changes.The main of which is the nature of the experiment content and pests.Usually rules, nonpoisonous pollutants commonly 0.25-0.38 m/s, poisonous or dangerous pests of 0.4-0.5 m/s, highly toxic or radioactive for a small amount of 0.5-0.6 m/s, 0.5 m/s air synthesis, granular material is 1 m/s.Exhaust fan should be necessary in order to ensure that the wind speed, the static pressure, the frictional resistance of air through the ventilation pipeline.Determine the wind speed must also pay attention to the noise problem, through the air in the pipe flow is limited to 7-10 m, more than 10 m will produce noise, usually laboratory (indoor background noise level) noise limit is 70 dba, increase the pipeline laying area can reduce wind speed, also reduce noise, considering the funding and pipeline construction question, must choose carefully pipeline and exhaust fan power.




(6) to heat and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion function: placed in ventilation cabinet some like electric furnace, some experiments to produce a large number of poisonous and harmful gas such as acid and alkali with strong corrosive.The mesa of the fume hood, the liner plate, side panel, and choose the water nozzle, gas nozzle should have the anti-corrosion function.In the semiconductor industry or corrosive experiments use the occasion of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, such as acid fume hoods are also required to overall material must be well protected against acid and alkali, shall be stainless steel or PVC materials.




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